Change is the one constant in life. Our mission is to help you navigate in an increasingly complex world. We craft innovative solutions to help your organization thrive. With strong expertise in both the public and private sectors, we’re at home in either world, taking governmental and non-profit institutions, companies, start-ups, impact leaders and people’s lives to the next level.

Our services



  • We offer a range of services from strategic advice on development programs to managing entire projects and conducting independent evaluations.
  • Our mandates include projects in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Latin America.
  • We transform complex issues into concrete chains of expected effects to reinforce countries’ institutional infrastructures and capacities. Our interventions are based on rigorous tools and methodologies.

-> We make good project management and evaluation easy!



While our experts know project life cycle management inside out – from design to monitoring and evaluation (M&E) – our distinctive integrative project management approach draws on a range of disciplines.

This includes Results-Based Management (RBM), Knowledge Management, Design Thinking and strong expertise in Systemic Change for Sustainability. Grounded in all of the major project management methodologies, we also know how to think outside the box in response to your challenges in a complex environment.

  • The ForWaves Platform gathers extensive knowledge and know-how. Through this network, we’re able to keep up with good practices from across the globe and pass that expertise directly on to you.
  • Our experts empower your teams, advise you on specific project stages, and conduct end-to-end projects and evaluations.
  • We take the stress out of project management and evaluation so you can concentrate on your core business.

A unique approach:

  • Our innovative solutions are geared to go beyond traditional approaches and create exponential effects throughout economies and organizations.
  • Our approach has proven to be perceived as pioneering in facilitating impactful change throughout large-scale projects and country programs.
  • Our interventions triggered new engagement at the government, corporate and individual levels.

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PEOPLE are at the core of any organization.

Our strategic advice, capacity building and training services are based on advanced organizational development and psychosocial approaches, as well as on certified adult training techniques.

  • We empower organizations, teams and individuals to unlock their untapped potential through tailored solutions.
  • Our services include facilitating small or large strategic organizational transitions, team building, leadership and management. We intervene in the area of health at work to prevent or manage crises.
  • We facilitate individual growth through career and life management, for organizations and private customers.

-> We help organizations and individuals thrive through change!

Our services:

  • Organizational and Behaviour Change
  • Training and Capacity Building (e.g. Skills Development in Adaptive Management, Results-Based Program / Project Monitoring & Evaluation, Communication, Presentation, Recruitment, Team Management, Leadership, Design Thinking, Change Management, etc.)
  • Individual/Team Coaching
  • Career assessment, Assessment and Outplacement
  • Professional reintegration
  • Human Resources (HR) support solutions (e.g. Developing a competency framework for your organization, designing and implementing organizational development strategies, etc.)
  • Occupational Health: Prevention and Counselling.

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Do you want to embark on a TRULY SUSTAINABLE CHANGE?

We offer STRATEGIC ADVICE to tackle challenging transitions in today’s complex environments.

While often overlooked, change management is a core element of success for organizations.

Our experience has shown us that well-designed change strategies reduce resistance and increase your return on investment, as you become a catalyst for change.

  • Instead of simply doing more and hoping for the best, we provide you with precise, considered roadmaps and frameworks to guide the change you are undertaking.
  • Our situational assessments, evaluations and market analyses support your strategic management decisions.
  • We get to know your organization and to understand your needs and environment, in order to give you the right advice at the right time, saving you time and money.

-> We help you stand out as an engine of successful change!

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Our experts advise and support COMPANIES in the areas of:

  • Business Creation & Development on local and global markets
  • Intellectual Property (IP) management
  • Innovation and Design Thinking
  • Process optimization
  • Organizational Change & Corporate Culture
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Human Resources
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Affordable tailored solutions for STARTUPS & SMEs:

We support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in their business development on local and global markets, and in leveraging their Intellectual Property (IP) assets.

We offer expert advice to entrepreneurs starting their business, notably on their business model and business plan. We also support women entrepreneurs and provide them with powerful tools to develop a successful business.

We also promote Inclusive Growth and the Design Economy which huge potential still remains untapped – in particular in developing countries.

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The ForWaves Academy serves business and non-profit Organizations, and Private Individual Clients, and is notably a recognized partner of public Employment and Skills Development Programs.

We help Organizations achieve outstanding performance, sustainable change and impact. Organizations receive support through:

  • Leading Training Courses
  • Executive Coaching
  • Strategy Advice
  • Recruitment Assessment
  • Team Building
  • Outplacement
  • Health at work services.

We help Private Individual Clients overcome difficult situations in their professional and private life (Registered Psychologist in Switzerland – FSP), fast track their Career Transition in alignment with their values and grow as Impact Leaders.

Executives, employees and entrepreneurs are empowered to:

  • Overcome stress, burnout and challenging times
  • Align their career with their values
  • Fast-track their career transition and reorientation
  • Find or create meaningful work
  • Develop their management and leadership skills
  • Successfully conduct large-scale systemic change for sustainable impact.

Our Leadership & Career (L&C) Program  provides Executive and Career Coaching, Skills Assessments and Training Programs.

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Forwaves Platform

Our Experts

The ForWaves Platform is an international network of enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated experts. Our platform of more than 20 experts based in 11 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America, and a network of more than 200 experts worldwide, covers a range of disciplines.

Our platform promotes an environment respectful of INNOVATION & HUMAN DEVELOPMENT

Specialized in strategic Change Management, our areas of expertise cover Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of development programs / projects and SME Development on local and global markets. By placing people at the heart of our activities, ForWaves also provides advanced services in Organizational and Human Capital development.

Join our platform:


  • Independent Consultant in Evaluation – Roster of Evaluation Consultants (Deadline for applying: February 17, 2023 – Midnight,Paris) Read more


  • National Evaluation Consultant – China (Deadline for applying: October 11, 2021)
  • National Evaluation Consultant – Tunisia (Deadline for applying: October 11, 2021)
  • Translator, from English to Vietnamese (Deadline for applying: October 11, 2021)
  • Translator, from English to Arabic (Deadline for applying: October 11, 2021)

Our Ambassadors - Meet Our Team

Our Ambassadors actively support ForWaves in reaching out to impact leaders and entrepreneurs committed to creating an environment respectful of Innovation and Human Development.
  • Ms. Maria Zarraga, Founder and Managing Director, ForWaves – Crafting Change®
  • Mr. Sebastián Ackerman, Director, Ackompany
  • Mr. Marc R. Capistrano, Managing Director, Staffhouse International Resources
  • Mr. Adrián Cohan, Director, Design Cohan Group
  • Ms. Myriam Criquet, Director, API – Action of Public Interest
  • Mr. Diego Domma, Founding Partner, Estudio Domma
  • Mr. Reynaldo L. Esguerra, Chief of the Environment and Biotechnology Division, Industrial Technology Development Institute/DOST
  • Mr. Nabil El Hilali, International Senior Consultant in Innovation Management and Research Professor, ESCA Business School
  • Mr. Abid Kabadi, Managing Partner, Juristes-Conseils Partners
  • Mr. Hicham Lahlou, Managing Director, International Global Designer Agency
  • Mr. Jean-Baptiste Mozziconacci, Senior Consultant at ROUSE and former Director of Strategy and International Cooperation, French National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI).

Some of our Experts act as ForWaves Ambassadors and represent the ForWaves Platform at the international level.

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Ambassadors: Our Values

Our Citizens - Join Our Community

“Our ForWaves Citizens Community believes in a sustainable and conscious world of work. This requires governments and organizations to foster Decent Work and create enriching work environments. This also requires you, as a citizen, to truly follow your purpose and share your talents and gifts with the world.” – Maria Zarraga

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Our clients

PUBLIC & NON-PROFIT SECTOR _____ Accelerate SDG achievement

Governmental and non-governmental institutions play a major role in accelerating the adoption and implementation of national development strategies to improve lives for all. In particular in developing countries, this takes place in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
We provide local and international technical assistance. Our services range from strategic advice on development programs to managing entire projects and conducting independent evaluations:
Our network supports governmental and non-governmental organizations in designing, implementing and evaluating policies, programmes and knowledge management platforms that contribute to inclusive growth.

PRIVATE SECTOR _____ Increase sustainable performance & innovation

Private companies – including large and multinational corporations – play a major role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals while increasing sustainable performance & innovation. They can do this through acting responsibly and providing healthy working environments according to labour law.

We support private companies through advanced management solutions.

Our interventions cover various areas such as business development on local and international markets, intellectual property management, corporate social responsibility (CSR), process optimization, health at work, human capital development and unlocking the power of the creative economy.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) typically represent 90% of all firms. Their role is crucial in domestic and export markets and in worldwide innovation. SMEs are also powerful poverty reduction instruments in developing countries. We support SMEs in their business development on local and global markets, and in leveraging their Intellectual Property (IP) assets. We also promote the Design Economy which huge potential remains still untapped – in particular in developing countries.

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INDIVIDUALS _____ Psychological counseling - Career & Leadership - Have an impactful life and career

The ForWaves Academy provides our corporate and private clients with a Leadership & Career Program that allows to :

1. Find or Create Meaningful Work

ForWaves Leadership & Career (L&C) Program transforms people’s lives by concretely helping them transition into a fulfilling job.

Our leading and proven system for successful Career Building and Agile Job Search Techniques embrace the realities of the current complex job market.

2. Have More Impact At Work

We help Purpose Driven Executives and Professionals become successful Change Leaders in their organizations or businesses.

We support talented employees and entrepreneurs, and their teams, in developing their skills in areas such as management, communication, leadership, organizational development, entrepreneurship and change management.

3. Contribute to A More Sustainable World

Our expertise includes how to achieve large-scale systemic change that contributes to #SDGs in complex environments – at local and international levels.


You are on the lookout for a licensed psychologist? We also provide high-quality psychological support (Master’s Degree in Psychology) in areas such as:

Stress management, emotional management, burnout, boreout / dropout, work-life balance, self-management, career counseling in the event of health problems, psychological support in difficult situations such as unemployment, team conflict, integration or other difficult changes.

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About us

ForWaves® is your strategic change management partner. Drawing on years of experience, we’ve put together the ForWaves Platform, a global network of enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated experts covering a range of disciplines. Whether you need help with strategic change, project management, evaluation, or organizational and human development, ForWaves is your guide. Our activities contribute to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

We’re used to working across borders, across time zones, and across languages on projects big and small. What connects us is a focus on results and a desire to work in harmony with a modern, sustainable world, not against it. Passionate about crafting powerful solutions that facilitate positive change, both in your organization and in the wider world, it’s excellence that drives us; but excellence firmly rooted in socio-economic, environmental and human development.

In contrast to a one-size-fits-all approach, we offer personal, tailor-made services.

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About you

You are a governmental or non-governmental institution, a large or small company or an individual.

Maybe you don’t know where to start with tackling a complex issue or strategic transition. Perhaps you need support with technical assistance, Monitoring & Evaluation, business, organizational or individual change. Or it could be you’re searching for a new generation of innovative solutions to respond to your needs.

Our clients demand both excellence and sustainable performance in fast-paced settings. Whatever your starting point is, we craft innovative solutions to allow you to achieve ambitious goals.

There is nothing permanent except change.
— Heraclitus

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